Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Remove DRM and Convert Audible AA, AAC and AAX to MP3 [FULL VERSION]

Most of the AAX files we purchase and download from Audible are protected by DRM. Do you want the AAX to be converted to MP3 and can be playable in you own devices?

If we want to listen the audible books in our other devices,the DRM will be an issue here. Digital Rights Managements(DRM) is a kind protection to block the audio books to unsupported players. 

Good news! 

SoundTaxi Pro + VideoRip is a dedicated DRM removal solution which can help you easily remove DRM protection from WMA, AA/AAX audio book, M4P, M4B, WMV, iTunes M4V and convert to DRM-free media formats.

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SoundTaxi Pro + VideoRip removes DRM and copy-protection from files downloaded via: DC Play, iTunes Store, BibZoom, Napster, Zune, Yahoo Music, MusicMatch, MSNMusic, MusicLoad, MTV / urge, MusicNow, BuyMusic, AOL Music, Virgin Digital, Sony Connect, Beon Music, Peer Impact, iMusica, Rhapsody, Wal-Mart, AOL MusicNow, Audible, connect-europe, akuma, Listen JP, ongen, hmv, Bigpond Music, Soundbuzz, digirama, imusica, cdigix, cingular mMode, puretracks, metro tunes, fnac.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Earn money shortening your links and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Do you have any files (pictures, videos and links) that you LIKE to share?

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Shorten link + Share = Earnings 

Gather your files whether it is a picture you want to share on Facebook or a YouTube link for your videos that you want to share on Facebook or on your website. Anything that has LINKS can be shared. This is the power of linking.

Here's how to start:

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For example: You have a video on YouTube and you want to share it, shorten the link and share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social networking sites. 

Also, if you have a blog and you have a lot of links where people will download a cetain file or app, this is a good way for you to earn money by shortening those download links. 

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The best part about this company is that you can use their WordPress plugin and make money with links in the easiest way. All you have to do is to create your FREE account first then, download the plugin under the top link “Tools” . After the plugin activation, you just need to add your Token and start making money with your blog links.


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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Earn money on Facebook by liking Facebook pages

Most of us have liked thousands of Facebook page but we never thought of getting or earning money from it.

The question is: Do you want to get paid just by LIKING Facebook Pages? 

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